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Hat Tricks

Note: All records encompass hat-tricks recorded since the ECHL era began in the 2003-04 season and will be updated periodically or at season's end. All hat-tricks are listed in reverse-order with the most recent at the top.

Last Update: Aug. 28, 2023

Mar. 26, 2023FJordan KawgauchiAllen (A)6-3
Oct. 21, 2022FRyan DmowskiIowa (A)6-2
Mar. 23, 2022FWill MerchantUtah Grizzlies (H)7-4
Mar. 18, 2022FRyan Dmowski (5)Utah Grizzlies (H)6-1
Feb. 4, 2022FShawn McBrideWichita Thunder (A)5-4 OT
Nov. 26, 2021FYauheni AksiantsiukAllen Americans (H)3-2 OT
Oct. 22, 2021FA.J. WhiteUtah Grizzlies (G)7-3
Dec. 31, 2019FAnthony NellisAllen Americans (A)6-5 OTW
Feb. 11, 2017FAnthony LucianiWheeling Nailers (H)5-1 W
Mar. 25, 2016FRob LinsmayerColorado Eagles (H)4-5 OTL
Feb. 21, 2016FCarson McMillanWitchita Thunder (A)5-4 OTW
Jan. 27, 2016FCarson McMillanRapid City Rush (H)5-2 W
Mar. 27, 2015FJesse RootUtah Grizzlies (A)7-4 W
Jan. 23, 2015FJason BastAlaska Aces (A)8-5 W
Apr. 5, 2014FJustin MercierColorado Eagles (H)6-3 W
Dec. 6, 2013FAusten FytenStockton Thunder (H)4-2 W
Nov. 7, 2012FKael MouillieratBakersfield Condors (H)6-3 W
Oct. 17, 2012FTristan King (4)Colorado Eagles (A)7-6 OTW
Dec. 16, 2011FMarc RancourtStockton Thunder (A)6-2 W
Nov. 2, 2011FKael MouillieratLas Vegas Wranglers (H)6-2 W
Mar. 30, 2011FMark DerlagoUtah Grizzlies (H)7-2 W
Mar. 9, 2011FMark DerlagoOntario Reign (A)6-3 W
Mar. 5, 2011FMark Derlago (4)Las Vegas Wranglers (H)5-6 L
Jan. 22, 2011FMarty FlichelUtah Grizzlies (H)8-1 W
Nov. 6, 2010FKael MouillieratVictoria Salmon Kings (A)5-2 W
Mar. 12, 2010FMark McCutcheonVictoria Salmon Kings (A)7-1 W
Mar. 10, 2010FMark DerlagoVictoria Salmon Kings (A)5-2 W
Feb. 20, 2010FTyler SpurgeonOntario Reign (A)4-5 L
Feb. 6, 2010FMark DerlagoLas Vegas Wranglers (A)4-2 W
Feb. 4, 2010FTyler SpurgeonLas Vegas Wranglers (A)4-5 SOL
Jan. 24, 2010FEthan BarlowLas Vegas Wranglers (A)8-5 W
FTyler Spurgeon
Dec. 18, 2009FMarty FlichelAlaska Aces (H)4-2 W
Apr. 4, 2009FBryan McGregorPhoenix RoadRunners (H)8-2 W
Apr. 1, 2009FBryan McGregorPhoenix RoadRunners (H)6-3 W
Mar. 22, 2009FBryan McGregorVictoria Salmon Kings (A)4-2 W
Feb. 9, 2009FKris SparreStockton Thunder (A)6-1 W
Mar. 1, 2008FJohn LammersBakersfield Condors (H)8-3 W
Feb. 8, 2008FJohn LammersAlaska Aces (A)3-2 W
Dec. 15, 2007FMark BombersbackPhoenix RoadRunners (H)4-1 W
Feb. 24, 2007FMarty FlichelUtah Grizzlies (H)7-0 W
Jan. 27, 2007FLance GalbraithLas Vegas Wranglers (A)

4-5 OT

Mar. 24, 2006FD'Arcy McConveyFresno Falcons (H)

6-2 W

Nov. 25, 2005FGarett BembridgeUtah Grizzlies (H)7-4 W
Jan. 5, 2005FRiley RiddellLong Beach Ice Dogs (H)6-3 W
Oct. 29, 2004FJustin CoxFresno Falcons (A)5-2 W
Jan. 17, 2004FJeremy MylymokFresno Falcons (A)

7-2 W

Jan. 3, 2004FLance GalbraithFresno Falcons (A)4-5 SOL
Dec. 19, 2003FMiguel DelisleBakersfield Condors (H)5-4 W
Dec. 17, 2003FMiguel Deslisle Bakersfield Condors (H)5-4 SOW